Gems and the better precious stones lie at the heart of Claire Moens’ jewellery designs.


Claire’s designs are inspired by the huge variety of colour, clarity and splendour found in precious stones. “I design the jewel around each gem, bringing out the essence of the stone itself, so that it is more than a mere decorative element. Gems are indeed the very soul of my jewellery.”

Distinct Qualities for Distinctive Individuals

Beside the classics like diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds, Claire uses many less known stones including beryl, fire opals, tourmalines and peridotes. Their very distinct and particular qualities make them ideal for creating truly personalized designs. This is the reason you will not find Claire’s designs at the traditional jeweller.

The jewels are effectively custom-made, inspired specifically by the personality of each individual client. “My jewellery fits the client like a glove, reflecting the essence of that person.” Each design is unique – no piece is ever repeated. 


A Lifelong Passion

Claire Moens studied Jewellery and Design at the art academies of Antwerp and Sint-Niklaas. She is a graduate in Gemmology and in Diamond Grading and Identification (Antwerp Diamond High Council) and has a degree in Antiques.

Many have already enjoyed Claire’s passionate presentations on precious stones and jewellery. “I like to shine the spotlight on all the marvelous gemstones that often live in the shadow of diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Less well-known precious stones also deserve to be discovered and shown, and it is for me a real pleasure to guide jewellery lovers on such a voyage of discovery.”




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