Laureate of the Diamond Competition of the Diamond High Council, organised as part of the Anton van Dyck Year with the Baroque as its theme. 

The diamond gem was on display at a large number of international exhibitions and trade fairs:

  • Antwerp, Osterriethhuis Artesia Bank 15-16 May, 22-23 May 99
  • Antwerp, Provincial Diamond Museum 5 June - 29 August 99
  • USA-Miami,The Biltmore Hotel. Opening by HRH Prince Philip,14 September 99
  • Germany, Der Fachanzeiger Köningsbach-Stein, November - December 99
  • Italy Vicenza Oro trade fair, 16-23 January 2000
  • Germany Munich Inhorgenta trade fair, 25-28 February 2000
  • Antwerp Magical Antwerp, opening ceremony of the tourist season
  • China Hong Kong SAR trade fair, 11-14 May 2000
  • Japan, Tokyo Diamond Museum, 20 May-30 June 2000 
  • USA New York, Consulate of Belgium, 11 September 2000
  • Malta Valetta, Le Meridien Phoenica Floriana, 24-27 November 2000  




The Space Collection was designed for Backes and Strauss, the oldest diamond firm in Antwerp (1789), which premiered at the Basel Fair 2001, 22-29 March 2001, Switzerland.



  • Lier (Belgium) May 2002, in collaboration with internationally renowned glass artists Stanislow Borowski, Pavel Borowski and Edward Leibovitz.
  • On the occasion of the opening of the new Diamond Museum on Astridplein in Antwerp, with the theme: 'Twice 1001 Nights' (Antwerp 20 June - 29 September 2002)
  • Body and Soul, exhibition organised by the Circle trade association of Belgian jewellery designers. In cooperation with Stanislaw Borowski (Bruges 5-27 October 2002)



A pair of white gold cufflinks with rough diamond were selected to participate in the exhibition: 'De Man Versier(d)/(t)' (Antwerp 24 September - 31 December 2004) 



  • Exhibition Gallery Deurlica Sint-Martens (April 2005)
  • Participation Princely trade mission Japan (11-18 June) 



Exhibition Gallery Art Forum Schelderode (May 2006)



Exhibition Castle of Schoten (March 2007)



Exhibition Kasteel van Blauwendael Waasmunster (March 2008)



Participation Design:Made:Trade Melbourne (July 2009)



Hong Kong Belgisch Design Paviljoen (december 2012)



Photo Eden A.D. The photo is collaboration between Joeri Vanhamel (photographer), Janna Fassaert (model) and myself (jewellery). This photo was commissioned by MAS Antwerp as part of the exhibition The Hungry City.



Publication of the book Magical and Healing Stones - Facts and Myths in the series De Skeptische Kijk.



Despite huge advances in modern science, the belief in healing crystals has seen a revival in recent decades. Since ancient times, supernatural, protective and healing powers have been attributed to crystals and beautifully coloured shiny gemstones. For centuries, people tried to treat illnesses with so-called lithotherapy.Nowadays, it is mostly celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Adele who support the trend and make it known to the general public. The belief in healing crystals has clearly lost its dusty image of woolly hippy culture. The books, courses, shops and web shops have become uncountable. It has become nothing less than a multimillion-dollar business. Magic and healing stones. Facts and myths covers the phenomenon of belief in healing crystals and delves into the motivations of its adherents and the many different uses of healing and protective crystals and gemstones.